Topic about Sri reddy and Asifa.

By Koduri Anurag - April 16, 2018

Okay. First of all I would like to thank my whatsapp friends for irritating me to change my profile pic into PURPLE color or to update some disgusting status about some kashmiri girl. That irritation lead me to write this post.
Here I would like to mention three points.

Point 1: I am not at all interested in such activities and I think there is no use at all.
Point 2: Digitally signing petitions or doing few rallys doesn't give a fucking change in stupid Indians mentality.
Point 3: People know only less truth about what really happened. Then the rest of the  truth is either created by some article editors or by rivaling politicians. Opposition always tries to damage the reputation of their rivals and down the ruling party.

Now I am going to talk about asifa's case.
As an Indian I felt very bad about what had Happened. In this case I can see the negligence of her parents. They already lost their two daughters in some accident.
They should take an immense care on their adopted child ie asifa. She must be educated and should be restricted to not cross some boundary limit. You know because of this step 90% of the crime probability is reduced. Here I am not talking about her freedom restrictions. It is all about her safety. If someone is bad you should simply stay away from that bad.
And I really want those criminals to be punished severely. But you know what happens if u participate in some rally or sign some petitions, you will be in a feeling that you did your part and you will feel pity for a day or a week. So because of that pity you will be mentally disturbed and distracted from your work. Instead of doing such activities you try to educate those dumb ass illiterates. So that you can decrease the crime rate and help a future criminal to transform into a complete good man like you.

Now coming to srireddy.

I really don't know why people are still abusing her because of naked protest infront of media. You know this type of protest is common in foreign countries. Even you can see more there. If India is equal in all aspects with other countries then why this should be differentiated. There is no such laws in Indian constitution about protests.

Secondly she is not only fighting for her. There are many telugu women who faced similar situations. She is trying to do justice for them. She is asking for 70% opportunities should be given to telugu born actresses. So because of that you can see many hidden talent actresses on big screens. Now they are just limited to shortfilms. But still I don't know why these all dumb ass people are interested in North indians or tamilians.

Lastly she is not a slut. She did everything(what ever may be it) just because of the passion towards films. If you have a great passion on something then you can definitely understand her situation. Life without passion is nothing in my opinion.
And an actress talent should be based on her expressions and acting. But not on her stardom genes or tails like reddy, chowdary or white skin tone.

And finally you stupid people, all the debates conducted by media are not just for TRP ratings. They want to show the present situation and injustice going in tollywood. You common people need not point out trained professionals.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the grammatical errors.

You can't change this society by burning candles but you can change it by burning bad from stupids. Now You can't do anything for Asifa so let's pray for her soul and by supporting srireddy so that you can change those stupid casting couch and can protect upcoming female artists.

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