Topic:About special status for Andhra pradesh.

By Koduri Anurag - July 24, 2018

CBN(beloved Chief Minister) : I'm giving... I'm giving....

First of all, it's not his own property to give something or take decisions solely about AP state.
I really don't know what he gave and what he wants to do for his people of Andhra.
Clearly somehow he was fooled by Modi government and blamed by his people for accepting special packages instead of special status. I know about the great bonding & rivalries between CBN and Modi ji which were started before I was born. Considering it Modi ji took an advantage and perfectly executed a weapon on CBN. This is what actually happened.

Now when it comes to the main view of this post, I would like to precise you that generally special status is given for a state if and only if that perspective state is in a very bad, undeveloped, fallow and unexploited condition. But here AP state doesn't fall under that category. (I Know there is no established capital and more rural areas in AP. But still I won't accept AP as a backward state & I really don't know how this Stupid Congress agreed for it) This is what I want to clarify you.

Now at present there are Eleven states under this scheme (Assam, Arunachal pradesh, Sikkim, Tripura etc) and there are various factors which are considered such as tribal population, hill and difficult terrain and non viable nature of state finances.

Lastly I don't know whether AP is going to be a special state or not, but if this happens then other states such as Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odissa will speed up their protests for special status. And if this continues you can't Imagine a developed India even in 2050.

Sorry for Grammatical errors. And I think my writing skills are more better than Chandrababu Naidu's English.

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