Cheesy Pasta made by me.

By Koduri Anurag - November 23, 2018

Hej Followers,
Here it is the famous cheesy pasta recipe.
For this I am using Durum wheat which I found in the near by super market.

While coming to the ingredients, i am using 1)Cheese grated along with corn flour(you can also use wheat flour for this purpose)
2)some grated jalapeños(If I am cooking something then this is must)
3)grated carrot & daikon,
4)some butter,
5)spicy powder (which I made it with basil,coriander etc leaves)
6)Oninon, ginger & garlic powder.
7)water and two table spoon of milk.
8)ghee and salt which I want to add extra.

Procedure is very simple, boil the pasta in the water and then just add grated cheese along with all the ingredients. Finally add ghee and salt if needed. But entire process should be done under low flame. 

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