Triangles are my favorite shape.

By Koduri Anurag - February 07, 2019

Now watch this video.
Did you get anything?

My Interpretation:
I had an epiphany. A woman wants to get back at her husband, so she cheats with some guy (forming the triangle). She bites chunks out of this guy (uses him to get her husband jealous). The poor guy is in love with her but she still loves her husband and has no plans on leaving her husband for this poor guy. Why would she? Her husband is wealthy and her home is lavish. What can this poor guy offer her...nothing. He's handsome and intelligent but doesn't have the money to keep up with this woman's wants and needs. She chews him up and spits him out.

She is reveling in the love triangle; it's her saying, "triangles are my favorite shape..." She loves the game. She gets back at her husband, while she enjoys the sexual fling with this poor guy.

But her plan doesn't quite turn in her favor. While she enjoys the game, her husband doesn't. He is uncontrollable jealous when he finds out. What does he do? He kills her and throws in an ocean. She becomes seafood.

Well the poor guy who really loved her, despite her using him in her game, is haunted by her disappearance. He thinks of her and still desires her, even though he wasn't anything special to him and still had her allegiance to her husband.

So in the end the one burns (the poor guy), one red (the cunning and beautiful woman), one grins (the husband who shoots his wife to avenge her infidelity.)

The poor guy goes back to his hum drum life, the husband probably goes to jail, and the wife is devoured by seals.

I wonder if triangles are still her favorite shape?

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