Is it possible to change your fate?

By Koduri Anurag - May 21, 2019

Have you heard about Aeschylus.
He might be a great play writer and philosopher.
But he is also Famously described as Father of Tragedy.
Now let's talk about his unusual death.
He was always worried about something falling on his head so that he might dead.

Image: Bust of Aeschylus, in The Tragic Drama of the Greeks by Arthur Elam Haigh (1896); Wikimedia Commons.

According to the History, a hungry eagle dropped a tortoise on Aeschylus bald head as it resemble a stone. You heard it right that was a normal tortoise and not a strong fictional ninja. An Eagle hunts in this way to break the shell and to access the meat. And according to one famous writer of the biography, Aeschylus has been rarely outside of his home and stayed inside all the day as he worried about his object falling death. At last the same thing happened. It became impossible to change his fate even for a such scholar.

Now coming back to me, I have seen many people worrying about their future without enjoying the present. I think this 'worry' is the new emerging disease. Can you change your future with a worry? No, then what's the use of thinking about your future in the beginning itself. Everything happens according to the fate followed by a faith. Globalised faith is simple. If you are enough talented to survive in this competitive world then you are regarded as a winner. If not you will be among the millions of failure list.

So just believe in yourself & Karma and move on without a worried life. "No one can rewrites their future nor retrieves their past"- This is the bloody truth I want to say.

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