Ice-cream or frozen dessert (Must read)

By Koduri Anurag - December 24, 2019

Do you love ice-cream? Do you love frozen dessert? I think now you're confused with the new term. Then without deferring look at the pack if you have one. The word "Ice cream" is no where written and you can find the word "frozen dessert". Here is the point.

Ice cream is a product that should be made from milk (Milk fat to be precise).But they use vegetable oil instead of milk for the preparation. If you have any please check the ingredients list. Now it's time to say OMG. Surprisingly, this is common with almost all leading manufacturers. So here is what court says "if the vendor uses anything other than dairy as core substance, it can't call it as ice cream." I think now you got to know that why the word "frozen dessert" came here. Vegetable fat is very cheap when compared with milk fat. But we are actually paying more cost to harm our health.

So from today, don't simply purchase any ice cream from a local or road side vendor and I suggest you to avoid ice cream if you're unaware of the brand. And this usually happens in all functions, parties, hotels etc. And say a big NO to buy one get one or discounted brand product.

Brands to avoid: Kwality walls, cornetto, Vadilal, Heritage and many more(Almost all)

Brands to prefer: Amul, Mother Diary etc.

My Choice(BEST): Haagen dazs, Baskin Robbins, Gelatissimo :)  (MY FAV)

To the Foodies: To the best of my knowledge Baskin Robbins has about 31 flavours  of varieties and Gelatissimo has more than 50 flavours available worldwide. Better Try them all like I DO ;)

For Reference: Amul vs Kwality walls case.

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