Best Action Movie - INCEPTION

By Koduri Anurag - May 19, 2020

After reviewing dozens of movies I have decided that no other movie can compete with Inception.

Inception is the best Action, Adventure, Thriller, and whatnot. Its a masterpiece made by Nolan. To be frank this is not only about star casting but the story itself is the true winner. And while talking about ACTION, Nolan is Legend of making such Action Movies. Earlier we have also seen Dark Knight from this guy, of course, it is also the best Action Movie but I felt that it is much Overrated and there is nothing new in Fights or Action. 

Other few movies which came into my mind while writing about Action are The Matrix, The Lord of rings, Seven Samurai, Avengers: End Game. There is also a movie named "Ford vs Ferrari", in which I really Loved the director's work. Let's hope it will be in the best Biography Movie.

At last, the true winner and all-time winner is INCEPTION. I hope you have watched it, if not watch it today. Thank You.

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