Parda Biryani Prepared by Koduri Anurag.

By Koduri Anurag - August 17, 2020

 I believe that this "parda biryani" is something special for me. It tastes really awesome and very unique way of eating a biryani. It is very crunchy & soft which means it is nicely baked and I have used sesame seeds on the toping of the dough and chicken curry made in Telangana style as a side dish. And that dough can be a puff dough or can be made of maida. Bake it in the microwave oven for 15 mins with 160 degrees centigrade.

Many People are asking me "Is it a cake or biryani?" My answer is - It is the best traditional biryani and because of this baking, the taste of the biryani was also nice. 

 I made this on my mom's birthday (17th August) and made her cut the biryani.  

Hahaa... try once and you will love it twice.  

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