Are you worried about the unfortunate fall of Bharti Airtel? Stop Loss or Average? What will you do? First time written "out of the post".

By Koduri Anurag - September 23, 2020

 I got many messages and requests about my opinion on Bharti Airtel's fall & after giving a buy RECO at 500, it is currently trading around 450. 434 to be precise. It's a huge fall and unanticipated.

I am still very positive and bullish on Bharti Airtel. This has done because of the cheap politics and business tactics played by Reliance. Reliance wanted to be a monopoly in the telecom industry, but in the fastest growing and high population country like India, this won't happen. 

But when it comes to the technicals of the chart, it is very bearish. I got panicked and worried about the weekly chart becoming technically weak when it was trading around 520 and today those indicators became true by this fall.  

And this is completely temporary and won't happen for more than a week. Tomorrow 24th September is expiry and we see huge losses for the people who trade in F&O and expecting Airtel to reach 500 again. For the same reason, I always recommend trade for the long term to minimize the loss and also favors the investing environment. 

Overall it's a great and last opportunity in Airtel who wants to see huge returns in a few coming sessions. They can have a blasting Diwali festival. 

Out of the Post:

Reliance is very cheap and doesn't fall for it. For comparison, if reliance is the father of cheating then VI is the son. Because of the father's sins now the son is getting punished. Whenever Reliance comes with a new offer then within few days VI also counters them with their new plan competing with each other. And now people expect the same from Airtel, but unfortunately, Airtel is not in a position to offer a discounted price, and they lose their valuable customers to their peers. And finally, VI books losses followed by Airtel. But Reliance is a big winner of the Industry with outstanding results. And as everyone knows they got investments up to 1.5lac crores it became very strong. Regarding these investments, the Indian government has not asked a single penny of TAX and we as a public have to pay the entire TAX. It is a great plan executed by both government and Reliance. 

PS: Writing this post with Jio internet. Hahaaa... 

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