My New Phone LG G8X Dual Screen: Future of Dual Screens is near.

By Koduri Anurag - November 15, 2020

 I am writing this post after using it for one month. This is the first Dual Screen Flagship mobile from LG.

And I have simply loved this mobile and now I will tell you why the future is of dual screens. 

Main Pros:

1) Front Camera: It has a 32MP front cam which is really fantastic with lots of inbuilt features like Cheers, Smile, and Fist gestures to capture a photo. I used to wonder why these people compare it with Apple iPhone 11 and other one plus models. So I have handly compared with its peers & trust me it is far better than one plus and almost equal with iPhone 11. I liked the way it captures the picture in the manual mode. Amazingly it works outstanding in the night mode, which is really really great than iPhone. 

2) Real Camera: Hold on guys. This mobile has the Manual mode which gives you a real DSLR feel to you and OMG it works awesome. I have tried with various settings and its stack camera was mind-blowing. And when it comes to video recording you can take a 4K action movie and release in theaters, as it also supports UHD 16:9(60fps) (absent in many DSLR cameras and superior to other cameras). Surprisingly 13MP wide-angle camera is too good than a 12MP normal one. 

3) Design & Build Quality: Outter body is hard as a rock. Very Fancy Look with a strong body and its design is very eye-catching. It has 3 screens; two are big dual and the other is a small display that is at the front face and shows time & all other notifications. It has IP68 water/dust resistance and that too with military grading. It also supports fast charging 21W and its magnetic charging pin is superb. 

4) Display & Sound: I don't know how I am getting this Complete Stereo sound as speakers are placed at the bottom of the device and many of my friends are also amazed by the sound quality. I think that when we rotate the screen to play a movie or game, the system UI detects it and gives the stereo output which is really perfect L&R with theater feel effects. All Cheers to DTS X 3D surround with immersive 3D sound balance. 

5) Earphones: I have used many branded top-class earphones but these LG earphones are blowing my mind as well as my heart and ears. Again I would say it is because of a perfect top class flagship mobile from LG. I can undoubtedly say that I can use these earphones till I die. It is very robust and best in sound output with Hi-Fi Quad Digital to Analog converter. 

6) Gaming with OLED screens: This is why this mobile is a huge success in Europe and the USA. Great on a 6.4-inch display and I think that only because of the OLED screens I am more attracted to the camera photos. I have played many Dual screens inbuilt games like Asphalt 9,  DH5, and MC5. All these games are addictive with LG GamePad which gives the true PlayStation feel. And if you are a pubG player, this is a boon to you. 

7) Processor Snapdragon 855: This is the first and foremost thing where all others are amazed. A phone with Snapdragon 855 at this price. Never again in the near future.  I have never seen my mobile struck in these 30days and even with high multi-tasking, it is very smooth. Truly blessed to use such a great processor with a combination of 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. 

8) Worth for Money: I got this mobile at a great discounted sale of the Big Indian Festival from Flipkart for just 250$ where the real price of this mobile is more than 750$. This sale is just live for 45 seconds and I am one of the lucky people to get it for the really best price. After using it I can say that one can blindly invest more than 500$ for this flagship phone. 

Main Cons:

 This is why LG is still backward in phone sales. 

1) Poor Battery: It is never like 4000mah even though it has an endurance rating of 111h which is really excellent. It drains very fast. In my 30days observation, the drop rate is more than 12% with a screen on and 3% with a screen off. 

Ok, let's consider this is because of the dual-screen and it also has great sensors that keep on running all the time. But what happened to the charging mechanism? It is taking 2hrs 15min to charge 100% but a few minutes to charge up to 50%(Great). 

Still, We are currently living in an era where the device gets fully charged in less than an hour and up to 50% in a very few minutes. And greatly it also supports QuickCharge 4.0 but such a charger is not available in poor India. The last greatest charger is QuickCharge 3.0 only. (I think to overcome this con I need to import a good charger from the USA). 

Actually, we can't blame LG here why because 4000mah is very decent and usable for daily uses. But may not be to a lazy person like me. 

2) Heavy Weight: Ok, it is of 192grams. That's really great in numbers and less in weight. But in reality, it is like carrying two phones. Very heavy and I think this is because of the Hard rock case by LG. 

Note: iPhone 11 is 194grams with 3110 mah. Hahaaa... 

3) Poor Fingerprint sensor and no face unlock: Ufff.... Common Man this a flagship phone from LG and these are basic functionalities we expect from you. It has an optical under-display fingerprint but it is responding slow. And I have also heard about the software lags. Luckily mine was working fine. 

To overcome all these cons you need to use the mobile with a single screen as it is easily detachable from its partner. But I won't do it as I am able to manage battery and weight. 

There are limited cons but there is a number of advantages like multitasking, dual-screen, etc.

PS: As we all knew that Samsung is also coming up with a dual-screen mobile and all these cons were taken into consideration there and made their best flagship dual-screen mobile. But all you need is 1750$ which is 7 times higher than this phone. Hahaa.... 

Watch these Videos for other untold features:


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