Electronics and Love Engineering😍😎😅

By Koduri Anurag - December 17, 2018

"Sorry I can't love you. I had no belief on love".
These were the last words spoken by her.

"I don't even have feelings on you. If I had any then they are of negative only. So better move on with your life".
Ok. Now I'm happy as my anticipated last words were not final.

Here enters the drama king. Yes it's me.

"Belief!", I exclaimed.
"Yes, love is just a need. It is an attraction. It is an infatuation", she replied.
Ok. Now I got to know that she is trying to mimic some heroine.
A heroine should fall in love with hero. This is the traditional movie logic. I myself belief as hero of this interview. So here are my dialogues.

Do you know what is Photon? It is not an important viva question, it is much more. Do you believe in the existence of Photon? I think you do. These photon particles makes surrounding Objects visible to your eyes. That means some energy is incident on that object and due to that energy you are able to see it. But infact you can't see a photon particle. Similarly belief is of same phenomena. Even If you search for belief, you can't find it until you feel it or evidence it.

And on the other hand we have feelings. Feelings are just like Protons. Even though they are more in number you can't see them with a naked eye. You have to spend some time on microscopy to see it. And I have a lot of feelings for you but you just need to spend some time to sense them. And congrats, there is no need of a microscope here. My behavioral efforts does it's work.

Finally you told about negativity. It is like an electron. You know when an electron bomards with a proton it annihilates. But if you have one drop of electron I have one well of protons, so that it won't annihilates. Yes I want to move on, but I just need a chance to show how my heart is craving for you.

I want to end it here. Hahaaa... I know I'm mad. This is how a frustrated electronically educated student deals his love.

Penned by Tippu.

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