Don't miss the Rain by waiting for a Rainbow- Koduri Anurag.

By Koduri Anurag - January 19, 2019

This is where people usually make mistakes in their lives. For example, let's get into love. We often see people neglecting a person who wants them and going for someone else whom they need. Trust me this kind of people ends up with pain. Love and be with someone who really wants you for your cheerful and loving future.
And for the next example, I have the word called worry. Why do you waste your present scenario by worrying about your future? Just enjoy your present life like a fish swimming in the water and like a bird flying in the air. They too know that they are going to die someday. Even though fish is not trying to fly and the bird is not wanting to swim.
No worries, be happy. Hakuna Matata😎
Penned by Tippu.

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